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This page is in memorium of the boys of DKMS

Bill Wynn - 1959 - 5/9/2019

Will Garland - 1954 - 12/30/2020

Shain Stewart - 1961 - 1/23/2021

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An eclectic collection of favorites

Dark Korner Medicine Show has been bringing a variety of music to the Upstate and beyond for years.  The boys have all played professionally for decades, and have toured all over the country.  Now that they have settled down in the Upstate, it's possible to get world class music at hometown prices.  With their rare collection of elixirs, tonics and potions, DKMS is sure to obfuscate, alienate and obliterate all that ails you, guaranteed 100%.  Step right up, don't be shy, call today and we're on our way.


Come get ya some!

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Greenville, SC, USA

864 270-6339

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